Silicon Vikings is a 45,000+ network headquartered in Silicon Valley with nodes throughout the Nordic and Baltic region including Copenhagen, Gothenburg , Helsinki, Oslo, Reykjavik, Riga, Stockholm, Tallinn, and Vilnius. 

Silicon Vikings is a network of nodes with the mission of building a borderless community
supporting Nordic and Baltic innovation and entrepreneurship in accordance with global best practices, with a close connection to Silicon Valley’s unique and leading innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Charlotte Danielsson, Esq

Charlotte joined Silicon Vikings as CEO in January 2015. Charlotte has a Juris Doctorate from Stanford Law School and a BA in Political Science & Economics from UC Berkeley, where she graduated with honors in the major and Distinction in General Scholarship from the university.  Charlotte has practiced business and immigration law for technology companies since 1998 specializing in helping foreign companies establish themselves in the US and is the founder of Infiniti Law (  Charlotte is a native Swede and has contributed significantly to the Swedish community for many years.  Most recently from July 2013-November 2014, she served as Chairwoman of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco/Silicon Valley and was responsible for the dramatic revitalization and growth of that organization; prior to that she served on SACC SF/SV's board from 2009-2011.  Charlotte has also been active in the Swedish community on a national level having served on the Executive Committee of SACC USA as Assistant Secretary.  Charlotte's commitment to collaboration between organizations has been evident throughout her work.  She worked tirelessly to help with the formation of the Association of American European Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations (an association of Bay Area European chambers) and served as Treasurer for the organization after its official incorporation in 2014.  Charlotte's network also extends into the US and California political arenas; she serves as a member of the board of directors of the APIA Public Affairs Association and has helped organize numerous events with members of the US Congress, the California State Legislature and members of California's Executive Branch.  In 2015, she served as chair of the organization's 14th annual Voters Forum in Sacramento and established partnerships with over 40 organizations which resulted in the largest, most diverse & inclusive event in the organization's history.  LinkedIn Profile

Email: charlotte[dot] danielsson[at] siliconvikings [dot] com


Richard Horning, Esq

Richard Horning is Silicon Vikings Chairman and is Honorary Consul of Estonia for Northern California.  He has been practicing law since 1969 and specializes in counseling high technology and e-commerce companies in all stages of development, from start-up to Fortune 50, with particular emphasis on funding transactions, intellectual property protection, licensing, contract and antitrust issues. He also has substantial experience in representing high technology companies in litigation and arbitration matters, in both international and domestic venues.  Richard is a graduate of Duke University School of Law and also holds a BA in Political Science from Berkeley.  LinkedIn Profile

Email: richard [dot] horning[at] siliconvikings [dot] com

Media Director

Christian Olsson

Christian Olsson is our social media and Nordic/Baltic tech startup space specialist.  Follow him on our social media. Christian has been on our Silicon Valley board since 2005. Christian is presently co-founder/VP Marketing at NeuraMetrics, Inc. Christian has over 20 years of experience as an IT Security/Digital Health executive, including co-founding three startups. Christian is a native Swede and previously also served as the Swedish Trade Commissioner to Australia.  Christian holds an MBA from Lund School of Economics & Business.  LinkedIn Profile

Email: christian [dot] olsson [at] siliconvikings [dot] com

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Learning SIG Chair

Eilif Trondsen


Eilif is our Learning & Entrepreneurship SIG Chair and has been on our Silicon Valley board since 2011.  Eilif holds a PhD in Economics from UC Santa Barbara and is the director of Strategic Business Insights (SBI-is a spinout of SRI).  Eilif has been with SBI since 2001 and his research and consulting work lies at the intersection of learning, innovation, virtual technologies and entrepreneurship.  Prior to SBI, Eilif was with SRI International for 21 years working in the areas of transportation economics, international economics & trade, and business intelligence. Eilif is a native of Norway.  LinkedIn Profile

Email: eilif[dot] trondsen [at] siliconvikings [dot] com

Mobile & Security SIG Chair

Knud Balslev

Knud is our Mobile & Security SIG Chair and serves on our Silicon Valley board. Knud has over 20 years of experience in international business development, strategic alliances & partnerships, channels and marketing in start-ups, early stage, and high tech environments.  His areas of expertise include security & identity management, mobile payments and mobile marketing, clean technologies & biofuels.  Knud is a native of Denmark. LinkedIn Profile

Email: knud [dot] balslev[at] siliconvikings [dot] com

Director of Nordic Nodes

Ebba Josefson


Ebba is the Director of our Nordic Nodes and helps to coordinate all of our activities in the Nordics. She resides in Gothenburg. She is head of Customer Success at Precisely. She has a Master of Laws (LLM) from University of Gothenburg.

Email: ebba[dot] josefson[at] siliconvikings [dot] com

Digital Health SIG Chair

Ran Ma

Ran is our Digital Health SIG Chair and serves on our Silicon Valley board.  Ran is a biomedical engineer and entrepreneur.  She is the founder of a smart textile company with applications in health. Ran holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and has deferred her MS in Biotechnology from Northwestern University and MSc. in Business Administration & Bioentrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School to work on the startup. Ran is involved in digital health, IoT and hardware. She is especially interested in how technology can be used to prevent disease.  LinkedIn Profile

Associate Silicon Valley

Andrew Hans Chang

andrew hans chang.jpg

Andrew is an Associate with Silicon Vikings. He currently works as an Ecosystem Analyst at Nissan.  He is a graduate of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley with a focus on International Business and speaks 11 languages fluently.  LinkedIn Profile

Email: andrew[dot] chang[at] siliconvikings [dot] com

Sr Advisor, Nordic Nodes

Bengt Eliasson

Bengt acts as the coordinator between our Nordic nodes and serves on our Stockholm board.  Currently with IBM Nordics, Bengt has over 20 years experience as a "momentum-builder" connecting the dots between Strategy, IT and Operations in the search for the next generation in retail.  Bengt holds an MBA from Lund School of Economics & Business. LinkedIn Profile

Email: bengt [dot] eliasson [at] siliconvikings [dot] com

Silicon Vikings Nordic/Baltic Node Board Members


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Katri Harra-Salonen, Helsinki Node

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