SIG - Mobile



The Mobile SIG’s vision is to create a knowledge and innovation bridge between Silicon Valley and the Nordic region, by building and nurturing an innovative, educational, and diverse cross-regional learning community within the mobile area. In practice, this is fulfilled by using Silicon Viking’s large network in the Bay Area, and collaborating with Silicon Viking's local Chapters in Stockholm, Copenhagen-Malmö, Oslo, and in the near future Helsinki and Tallinn.

You belong to our target audience if you have a business or technological interest in mobile issues and are part of, or interested in, the mobile eco system. In addition you, live in the Bay Area or in the Nordic region and are interested in ideas and innovations within the mobile area, coming from either of the two regions.

Partnership and team

If you want to partner with us in order to e.g. promote a new mobile product or service, get insights in what is currently ‘hot’ in two of the hottest mobile hot spots in the world, get access to truly innovative and skilled people, or get instant feedback on your idea or mobile solution, please click here

Our SIG team consists of knowledgeable, well-connected, and creative people with a passion for mobile. We are currently looking to add more team members in order to further strengthen our team. If you think building up a cross-regional learning community within mobile if of interest for you (or your company) and you have a passion and represent a part of the mobile eco system, please contact the SIG Chair Knud Balslev at

If you have a ‘hot speaking topic’ that you would like to share and have us to bring up, please send an email to the SIG Chair, Knud Balslev at