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You are just about to make a great decision. Becoming a member of Silicon Vikings gives you special access to a platform of collaborations, connections and high quality events. As a member of Silicon Vikings you are part of a network organization representing business professionals from a wide range of fields - both in Silicon Valley and in the Nordics, and are offered access to high quality events where knowledge, inspiration and networking is in focus. 

A Global Membership
As a member of Silicon Vikings, with its headquarters in Silicon Valley, you are assigned to a global membership, that is also a membership with our Chapters in the Nordic Region. By telling us what country you reside in (if in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Estonia) your membership fee will be submitted to the residential Chapter. Your extended network in various regions will nuture potential connections, collaborations and knowledge exchanges.

Our SIGs
To build and nurture a dynamic, growing, and diverse networking community for our members we have Special Interest Groups. Our SIGs are in the sectors of; Mobile, Life Science, Clean Technology, Cloud & Open Source and Entrepreneurship & Learning. They offer our members first hand access to high quality events that will offer you inspiring new insights, knowledge and connections.

Become a member of Silicon Vikings today and enjoy all the benefits of being part of a network organization with more than 5 000 members from Silicon Valley to the Nordic Region.


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