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The SIG - Entrepreneurship & Learning builds and nurtures a dynamic, growing, and diverse learning community to explore a range of issues related to Entrepreneurship and Learning of interest to our members and event participants. We want to leverage great networks in Silicon Valley and the Nordic region with deep expertise and experience in entrepreneurship and learning issues and create a vibrant knowledge and innovation bridge between Silicon Valley and the Nordic region. We also want to build strong collaboration between Silicon Valley and the Nordic chapters of Silicon Vikings. 

Our SIG plans and executes exciting events and activities, listening and acting upon input from our members. Bring interesting and knowledgeable entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Silicon Valley, the Nordic region, and elsewhere to speak.

We aim to become a hotspot for networking and knowledge sharing for professionals with interest in entrepreneurship and learning.


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We hope to build a community of interest and learning around our SIG on Entrepreneurship and Learning, so we welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions, including topics and speakers for future sessions. Also, you can make your voice heard by commenting on our blog posts and by tweeting and using #SVEL (so we can discover and track your comments)


Contact person: SIG Chair, Eilif Trondsen at