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What exactly is Digital Health, and where is the real need and opportunity for it?

Come hear from technologists and healthcare providers who are designing, delivering, and benefiting from digital health technology in the consumer, clinical, and industry application space today.

Novice or SME, bring your questions for the panel.  We will rotate in questions from moderators, audience, and panelists themselves on the concerns they find most relevant to this work.




Vilma Viiala – Business and Operations Manager, Meru Health

Meru Health is a “digital clinic for greater mental health” and Y Combinator graduate with a presence in Finland. Vilma is Meru Health’s first US employee and works cross-functionally in business development and operations, applying her background in business design and strategic business consultancy. She is passionate about how humans connect with one another, through technology and business. She is all about quantifying mental health and finding the best methods to improve overall well-being through research, biofeedback, and testing. Currently, she works on optimizing the patient flow and treatment scalability of Meru Health’s digital therapeutics program. She also supports the collaboration with client companies, healthcare providers, Meru Health’s therapists, and patients. This requires her to consistently challenge the bottlenecks of treatment accessibility for patients and redesigning patient flow processes.


Sanjay Joshi – Industry CTO Healthcare, Dell EMC

Sanjay is a seasoned veteran of digital initiatives across the board in healthcare and life sciences industry uses of technology. With his passion for application and new frontiers, he identifies as a “skunkworks” engineer, bioengineer and informaticist with a “non-reductionist” systems view of the real world. Currently, he is focused on intelligent approaches for data, domains, and decisions using digital systems and infrastructures for Devices (IoT), Genomics, Proteomics, Microbiomics, Imaging and its integration and interoperability along the customers’ journey. His recent talk, “Streamed Postcards from the Edge: Medical Device Architectures”, demonstrates the relevance of data locale and infrastructure in digital health applications.



Dirk Lammerts, MD/MBA – Founder and CEO, myNEXT

An early investor and board member of digital health ventures when the sector first emerged, today Dirk is a management consultant to both technology companies and healthcare systems to help them understand one another and their opportunity to create digital health solutions.  Dirk is a trained medical doctor and medical computer scientist who was a founder and senior leader in biotech concerns before moving to digital health.  In the digital health startup space, he has served on the board of AliveCor (the original consumer wearable cardiac monitor), among others, and is experienced throughout the space: clinical to consumer markets, devices to software technologies.  His focus continues to be on leveraging disruptive technologies and “shaping the digital future”.



Patrick Grennan – Senior Software Engineer, One Medical

One Medical is a healthcare provider that develops its own HIT in house, and Patrick has contributed in every area from clinical to operational to patient engagement use cases. Patrick was One Medical’s first Data Scientist and currently leads the development of their interoperability data platform, aimed at seamlessly sharing and unifying health records across the health care system. During his time at One Medical, his work has been focused on integrating Data Science and Machine Learning into the software development process. Previous to working in healthcare, Patrick has built production machine learning applications for churn prediction and content recommendation. Patrick studied Computer Science and AI at NYU.



Vivek Narayan, MD/MBA – Consultant

Vivek’s perspective is informed by his experience as a healthcare provider, innovation institute director, and consumer health tech co-founder. He views the world of innovation through the lens of decisions and behaviors demonstrated by individuals, collectives, and institutions, and the data, or lack thereof, that drive those decisions. He started adulthood as a doctor in India and transitioned into Healthcare innovation after experimenting with Psychoanalytical theory. He is knowledgeable about consumer health and welcomes questions that arise at the intersection of technology, consumer and clinical health, and the early stage venture development that seeks to transform this space. His current research interest is in the Creation of Innovation Frameworks to Improve Provider-led Patient Centricity. Among other things, he is a Partner at Zinc, a digital product and service collective.