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Join us for our annual Nordic Pitch Night for visiting Nordic Digital Health companies!

Pitching companies:


Adusso makes it easier to deploy multi-million information systems in healthcare. Our solution saves time and money while traditional approach causes compromised productivity for years and tens of extra millions to be spent.

Brain+ is an award-winning Danish health technology company specializing in digital therapeutics for neurorehabilitation of cognitive functions using neurogames and gamified behavioral therapy, delivered on the Brain+ RECOVER app and platform.


Coala Life is a Swedish digital health venture on a mission to win the battle against cardiovascular disease. We digitize the heart by the power of the individual, and use intelligent algorithms to help predict and prevent heart disease. It’s all about smart, data driven medical devices enabling everyone to follow their heart.

Dossier is digital competence management for health systems. We drive operational excellence by ensuring competence at the point of work. Our unique and innovative technology ensures capability where it matters for more than 300 customers.


Globus AI offers a predictive maintenance application for IoT connected medical devices to ensure continuous delivery of high quality care. The application is being implemented at Laerdal Medical to support their growing operations in the US and their goal of saving 500,000 lives annually by 2020. Other relevant applications for the healthcare sector include workforce management and route optimization.


PainDrainer develops advanced artificial intelligence platforms for self-management of Chronic Pain, which affects over 100 million individuals in the US today.