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Please join us in an interactive discussion about the Future of Work, and specifically the ideas laid out in the book “The Interconnected Individual: Seizing Opportunity in the era of AI, platforms, apps, and global exchanges,” by Hunter Hastings and Jeff Saperstein.

Given the rapid technological, organizational, and structural changes that challenge conventional institutions and economies, what is the future of work? Hunter and Jeff propose a path to seize opportunity for the individual worker and entrepreneur, who can be newly interconnected and augmented by emerging technologies. Values-based individual career and business navigation can thrive and succeed; teams, groups, and networks can be enhanced with a new mode of innovation based on social conversation and connection rather than a commercial, hierarchical, and prescriptive process.

In the book, Hunter and Jeff provide visual models, case studies, and in-depth interviews with cutting-edge practitioners, who provide insights from real-world experience. In their discussion with Jim Spohrer, who has long worked with Hunter and Jeff, these issues will be explored.

The Interconnected Individual is intended to help business and professional executives and freelance workers to adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set, regardless of field, industry, or work role.


Hunter Hastings—is a partner in Bialla Venture Partners venture capital fund, an angel investor, and mentor to entrepreneurs. He is executive director of the Center for Individualism, which advocates for individual entrepreneurship and self-reliance, and a member of Mises Institute. Hunter is also a member of UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business and mentors student teams working on business applications of cognitive computing.


Jeff Saperstein—has a professional background including careers in advertising, nonprofit marketing and fund-raising, university teaching, writing, and coaching. He is a career transition coach, university lecturer, and author of business case studies and books. Jeff’s mission is to help others be successful by aligning their own values with their work, up-skilling their proficiencies to improve their market value and career options, and encouraging them to take calculated risks for their own happiness. Jeff is a Lecturer in Business and Communications at San Francisco State University and Hult International Business School.



Jim Spohrer—directs IBM’s open source Artificial Intelligence (AI) efforts. Previously at IBM, he led Global University Programs, co-founded Almaden Service Research, and was CTO Venture Capital Group. After his MIT BS in Physics, he developed speech recognition systems at Verbex, an Exxon company, before receiving his Yale PhD in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence. In the 1990’s, he attained Apple Computers’ Distinguished Engineer Scientist and Technology title for next generation learning platforms. With over ninety publications and nine patents, he won the Gummesson Service Research award, Vargo and Lusch Service-Dominant Logic award, and a PICMET Fellow for advancing service science. Jim is a great friend of the Vikings, and has been an active panelist at a number of Silicon Vikings events