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  • United States
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 The Bay Area Council Economic Institute and Silicon Vikings invite you to join us for a special forum on the startup and innovation ties linking the Nordic region with San Francisco Bay Area. The program will feature discussion of the findings of three recent studies: a report by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute on Europe's startup connection with the Bay Area (Innovation Bridge: Technology, Startups and Europe's Connection to Silicon Valley), a special Institute report on the Nordic region's startup ties (Nordic Dreams: Innovation, Startups and the Nordic Region's Connections to Silicon Valley), and a new report from Silicon Vikings (Nordic Tech in Silicon Valley).

The findings will be discussed by a distinguished panel of experts and members of the audience. 



Charlotte Danielsson, Silicon Vikings

Sean Randolph, Bay Area Council Economic Institute

Søren Juul Jørgensen, Consulate General of Denmark and CEO of the Innovation Center Denmark (ICDK)

Michel Wendell, Nexit Ventures General Partner & Honorary Consul for Finland

Anne Lidgard, VINNOVA (Sweden's Innovation Agency)

Miika Mantyvaara, The Vault

Markus Lampinen, Founder & CEO, Crowd Valley Inc

Gro Dyrnes, Innovation Norway