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  • San Francisco, CA 94110
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Sign up quickly if you want to be one of the lucky 25 people who will be treated to a guided tour—led by our Nordic/Danish friend, Henrik Bennetsen, Chief Business Officer at Pneubotics, a soft robotics startup which spun out of Otherlab—in which we will see and hear about the exciting projects in both Otherlab (where Henrik used to work, before joining Pneubotic) and Pneubotics, located in the Otherlab facility.

Otherlab has a strong track record of attracting research funding for early and risky ideas in areas such as ‘programmable matter’, robotics, solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, computational and advanced manufacturing, medical devices and more. The Lab develops new technologies through an emphasis on prototyping coupled to rigorous physics simulation and mathematical models. According to the Lab, “Our design tools are often made in-house because it's lonely at the frontier, and to create new things and ideas you often have to create the tools to design them. “ Pneubotics started in 2012 as a research project inside of Otherlab to build a new type of compliant machine and then spun out from Otherlab. Henrik moved to Pneubotics in September of 2016.

We will also hear about the collaborative nature of much of the work of Otherlab (and Pneubotics), as Otherlab says “Collaborations with external entities are core to our model, including commercial entities, universities and other research firms. In the past 5 years Otherlab has collaborated with Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Harvard, NASA, Autodesk, GE, FORD, Google, Motorola, IDEO, and a host of others.”

Before we start the tour, and after our usual networking over food and drinks, Henrik will describe his own journey from Denmark, to a position as Research Director at the Humanities Lab at Stanford University, Co-Founder and CEO of Katalabs, Director of Health IT at Innovation Center Denmark, and now Chief Business Officer at Other Lab.

During the walking tour, Henrik will discuss how both Otherlab and Pneubotics work, describe some of the most interesting past and current projects at both organizations as well as what some of its future activities may be, given the technical strengths of both organizations, their staff capabilities and the evolving needs of its clients.

Please note that we can only accommodate 25 people, on a first-come, first-serve basis, so sign up today.