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Join us for our Baltic Pitch Night and enjoy an evening of networking to the backdrop of beautiful San Francisco views at the stunning DocuSign Executive Briefing Center.  Innovative startups from Lativa will pitch to a panel of local venture capitalists and experts.  

The pitching companies:


Anatomy Next is an augmented reality, web-based software for medical education and healthcare professionals. We are developing an interactive 3D augmented reality tool that helps medical students in the hard work of studying human anatomy. The tool has been developed in collaboration with leading medical schools in US and Latvia. The market potential for med tech and healthcare market is 500 billion dollars and Anatomy Next is on its quest to make a difference and help future doctors navigate the human body better. Company is founded by Uldis Zarins, Jānis Kondrats, and Sandis Kondrats, other team members are Reinis Znotins, Ieva Grinberga, Reinis Jansons, Agnis Vegners, and Kristaps Raits.

Anatomy Next will give you a greater insight with virtual dissection. You will see muscles, nerves and organs in greater detail than anywhere else, short of an actual cadaver. The illustrations of Anatomy Next are the finest available and recognized by the medical and research staff of the University of Washington as exemplary in their accuracy. We provide an interactive, web-based and mobile platform for teaching human anatomy, increasing engagement and improving productivity

Our high-resolution, 3D product offerings includes:

×         Head and neck atlas

×         Comprehensive 3D models and maps of the cranial nerves

×         Head and neck muscles

×         Skull, jaw, and neck bone articulations and structures

×         Integumentary system

×         Circulatory system

×         Respiratory system

×         Digestive system

×         Lymphatic system

×         Sensory organs

×         Endocrine system

Each product set is complemented by diagrams and pop-up windows which define and highlight the anatomical structures of interest.

Our human anatomy teaching tools are of the highest quality available and enable a more effective teaching and learning experience.


APPLY brings complex mathematic algorithms to everyday life. We develop tailored solutions with a sense of responsibility towards customers’ needs.

We believe that whether you are start-up or big enterprise, Apply will contribute to your business growth. We look for ways to apply our experience to support in building your business.

Main products/services:

Artificial Intelligence - Apply brings complex mathematic algorithms to everyday life and specializes in research and development of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

We analyze real-time visual and audio information, identify objects/persons, their behavior, and create mathematical prediction/forecasting models.

Regular IT - APPLY provides custom developed corporate solutions, business process analytics and consulting.


Furnny is an Augmented Reality tool that allows its users to visualize furniture in real time, to scale, from the comforts of their home. Furnny aims to be the largest, free, online catalogue of 3D models that can be viewed in Augmented Reality. It will also redirect its users to complete their purchase of selected furniture from the closest point of sale. With time Furnny will allow its users to upload their own designs and models, monetizing the upload size each user has.

finerium bluw.png

Finerium is a financial technology and software as a service start-up, presenting the world’s first full-service online investment and collaboration platform for early stage private capital market players. The platform is designed to help business angels, micro VC firms, accelerators and early-stage companies to more effectively manage their deal pipeline, monitor portfolio performance, do centralized reporting, oversee companies cap tables and make online venture capital investments. Finerium’s vision is to create a unique and global ecosystem where early-stage investment as well as fundraising process is efficiently managed in a single platform.


We create Web solutions. Web development with simplicity.

We are a Latvian company with international experience, specializing in development and maintenance of various Web solutions. The Keystone of our company is to go into the necessity of a particular IT solution, explore and understand how the developed solution will influence our clients business and what goals we will help them to achieve. Nowadays, the most important key to growth is a development of human knowledge and information technology, being aware of it, the future possibilities are limitless. Our team’s experience complements project, in which we developed information systems and various Web solutions for a start-up CatchSmart.com


Conelum Biotech is a spin-off from Riga Technical University and resident of Commercialization Reactor (International Technology commercialization Platform) which has created a disruptive proprietary technological solution that allows to reduce FMCG companies to reduce waiting time for routine microbiological diagnostics from 5 DAYS to 3 HOUR, which is unprecedented technological leap that would allow companies to produce food, beverages and other goods in a much more sustainable way, while reducing risk of microbiological contamination and recalls.


Koatum is a Latvian-born medtech start-up company that developed a new method for applying medical implant coatings, combining full implant isolation, osteointegration and targeted drug delivery directly from the implant’s surface. This works to reduce adverse effects of surgeries, such as rejection, implant inflammation or instability, as well as biophilm formation.


Mass Portal is a private Latvian company who designs manufactures and sells 3D Printers since 2012. As the 3D printing market has been growing so has our plans and vision. We have come a long way since first offering desktop 3D printing units for everyone. And have shaped into company that manufactures technologies for future production involving additive manufacturing. Range from highest quality desktop 3D printers to automated manufacturing systems and plastic filament dryers. In these five years with private investment we have grown from 2 people, 8000 EUR turnover company into 40 people (20 engineers) 2 000 000 EUR (2017 planned) company. However to grow even more and provide market with new technologies for additive manufacturing and bio printing we are looking for partners both in sales for existing technologies and investors for further development. As of now we are on the market with 3D printers, automated manufacturing systems, dryers and self developed software for controlling the process. We have projects for bio printing system (type that is currently non existent on the market) as well as special large size “ship 3D printer”.

As of now we have stable sales team for Europe and Asia, however US market has not yet been developed. Hope to meet new partners and explain Mass Portal vision.


Accurate sound is our passion. We enjoy listening to music recordings that sound great and we believe that in the new digital era great art can be brought to the listener without compromising it. We do not claim to perform magic tricks of making everything perfect with voodoo and exorcism. On the contrary – Sonarworks is very selective about what can and what can not be improved using digital correction based on the latest findings in the fields of mathematics, computer science and psychoacoustics.

We are EU-based venture capital funded audio technology startup, born out of passion for great sound and technology innovation. Based on research by EMMA award-winning audio engineer Kaspars Sprogis, Sonarworks patent pending technology has been developed over a course of 5 years. Our first product is a speaker calibration software for studio monitors, however, we see a future where Sonarworks technology will create a number of products bringing the joy of quality sound to music and video enthusiasts. We envision developing our products with input from the community of professionals and home enthusiasts. Try it and share your results with us and peers.