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In August 2015, Silicon Vikings hosted a very popular session that explored various issues and developments around Virtual and Augmented Reality. At the end of the session, we all agree to reconvene after one year to both look back at what has happened in the past year and draw lessons for what may lie ahead. Well, here we are in August 2016 and we will now revisit VR/AR and try to answer these questions:

  • What are some of the most interesting and impactful developments we have seen since our August, 2015 session?
  • What surprising developments have we seen in the past year, either in the US or overseas, both in Europe and Asia?
  • Have we seen new and interesting players coming onto the scene, and what new and exciting innovations are they focusing on? And how are they different from what major players like Facebook, Google, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft and others are doing?
  • Based on where we are today, and from what predictions we made last year—correctly or incorrectly—what are some of the things we can expect in the year to come, in terms of technology (including headsets), content and services?

Come and join us at our August 30 session in San Francisco (see address and map) when we will explore how rapidly evolving Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Worlds (VW) technology tools and platforms are opening up for new and innovative approaches to work, entertainment and education.

And what can we expect the timeline for adoption in various domain areas to be? Who are on the leading edge of using and developing the new tools and platforms and what are some of the most exciting examples of how these technologies are or can be used to radically change how we work, play and learn?

We have a great panel of experts who will share their insights into the issues raised above and also answer your questions (and we will allow for plenty of time for Q&A in the session, as we always do). Here are the panel members right now, and we may have one or two more joining shortly:



  • Damon Hernandez. Damon—our “Veteran Silicon Vikings panelist” whenever we have sessions on VR/AR or hackathon issues—has been involved in the interactive 3D community for many years, and is a 3D Web, virtual and augmented reality developer and advocate. He is co-founder of the high tech building company IDEAbuilder, advocates 3D Web open standards for the Web3D Consortium, and regularly leads hacking sessions around the world focused on either improving built environment related professions (AEC Hackathon) or developing with immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality.


  • Christopher Peri, Ph.D. Christopher—who also was a panelist our last VR/AR session—has worked on 3D and VR starting with the VFX1 back in 1995 including teaching a class on VRML. His master thesis at UC Berkeley, 'Spatial Perception in Virtual Environments: Visual Cognition Gain with Head Mounted Displays' focused on how spatial perception and memory are improved using a HMD. This work was a foundation for his Ph.D. in Spatial Communication. His professional work includes creating many virtual worlds using VRML and Java and than employed those skills to dynamic web content using Flash. Later in his career he focused on project management to company leadership including 3 years as CTO at VentureBeat. Currently Christopher has returned to his roots working at Samsung Research Lab working on mobile strategy, tech resourcing, and support on the Gear VR project.


  • Linda Jacobson, Founder of East Bay Virtual Reality Alliance. In the field of virtual reality, she has been working as event producer, author, educator, marketer, and virtual worlds producer. Today, she provides strategic marketing and business development support for startups using virtual and augmented reality to enhance quality of life for our elders. Previously, Linda led marketing and communications, and wrote patent applications, for Xerox's PARC. While there she hosted numerous events, helped launch “StartUp@PARC” for entrepreneurs, and won an award for project management in the design and launch of parc.com. Her claims to fame include: co-founding editor of Wired; computer industry’s first Virtual Reality Evangelist (helped sell high-end immersive real time 3D graphics around the world); co-founder of SF's first VR meetup group, VeRGe, and virtual ventriloquist (live avatar) for multimedia ensemble D'Cuckoo.


  • Eilif Trondsen, Ph.D. (moderator). Eilif has followed virtual technologies for many years, and led a four-year research program VirtualWorlds@Work, at SRI to examine how VW technologies could find applications in business and work. He is the Chair of Silicon Vikings SIG on Entrepreneurship and Learning, and has done research in the area of learning technologies for about 20 years.