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International expansion done right is critical for sustainable long-term growth of companies. However, over 75% of international business expansion initiatives fail – costing significant investments in time, money, and opportunity.

Learn real-world insights, examples, and practical tips for companies going global, including:

  • Steps companies should take to ensure they are truly prepared to expand

  • Creating the optimal legal structure

  • Tax and compliance issues that often sidetrack expanding companies

  • Countries that are the easiest and hardest to expand into and why

  • Best practices and practical approach to hiring overseas

  • How to establish effective communications between the home office and the foreign offices

  • The roles VCs and board members can and should play

  • And much more … including your questions


  • Lars Johansson , Partner at K&L Gates

  • Ragu Bhargava, CEO of Global Upside

  • Jennifer Vessels, CEO of Next Step

  • Tim Pebworth, CFO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise