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Research over the last 3 years has shown that entrepreneurs with Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystems (PDBE) are more successful than entrepreneurs who don’t have one.  This session is focused on entrepreneurs and the professionals that support them. The theme of the  evening’s discussion – how to use PDBEs to be more successful in negotiating the myriad of challenges you face every day.

This is a different and much more holistic approach to entrepreneurial success. Creating a PDBE is not an accelerator, nor a boot camp, nor a new co-working facility. Instead, it covers the methods and processes needed to build a successful ecosystem for entrepreneurs. This panel discussion will answer such questions as:

  • What the PDBE does and does not do for you?
  • What can PDBE do today to make your life better? 
  • What attitudes and changes will you need to make you a passionate leader and the driving force behind your PDBE.
  • What are the critical components of a PDBE?
  • How long does it take to form one, and when can I (the entrepreneur) expect to receive some of the benefits of this new approach?
  • What kind of people or organizations do I need in my PBDE?
  • Who do I turn to for PDBE support?

A PDBE is not a business network, we assume you already have one of those! An effective business ecosystem should consist of relationships where value is created for all its contributing members. PDBEs are already popular in Brazil, UK, US, and other countries. In this session, we will discuss a number of examples of how early stage companies have used PDBE as a way to accelerate growth and build a sustainable basis for longer term success.

Are the Nordics ready for PDBE? What examples and evidence of PDBEs are emerging in the Nordic region, or by Nordic companies that have gained strong market traction in the US? What role can Nordic/Baltic Bridge Organizations—such as Innovation Norway, Vinnova, Tekes and Team Finland, Innovation Center Denmark, Enterprise Estonia and others—play in promoting PDBEs and assisting entrepreneurs in creating effective and successful PDBE?

Attend this interactive session consisting of a panel of three leading experts, each with expertise on an integral component of PDBEs.  Del will focus on how making the customer a partner and part of your PDBE is a better way to provide customer value. Kim will focus on the structure and methods of PDBEs. And David will focus on the glue that holds it all together… collaboration.



Robert “Kim” Wilson


Robert 'Kim' Wilson brings a three decade+ track record of outstanding success in critical business development for any size enterprise with major internal or marketplace challenges.

International Executive Business Advisor and Author of the book They will be Giants /21st Century Entrepreneurs andthe Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem. Kim and his team are redefining the opportunity landscape for startups, small and mid-sized businesses. Kim has started a groundswell movement of information flow that has expanded to global proportions. His business ecosystem is now fully operational, helping entrepreneurs – and their respective supporting ecosystems – to better utilize the resources and assets that are already available at low or no cost. His clients and ‘ecopartners’ have instant access to this Business Ecosystem comprised of literally hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals.



Del Langdon

Del Langdon is working with Robert Kim Wilson on a global team, which is launching a new business focused on creating Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystems for entrepreneurs and those professionals that support them. She has extensive experience as a consulting partner in helping clients to enhance organizational performance and the execution of their strategies from the ‘outside-in’ customer experience perspective. Her experience spans strategy development, customer value chain redesign, integrated, cross-channel solution design for customers, employees, and partners.



David Coleman

David  Coleman has been an industry analyst and researcher on “collaboration” for the past 25 years. He is the author of 4 books on the subject and innumerable blogs, articles and stories. David has worked with large enterprises like General Dynamics and Logitech, as well as many startups (some of which have been acquired by Cisco) in the area of collaboration software, strategy, behaviors, and interactions. He is a former product manager at Oracle, and brings his creativity and love of gaming to his work and to PDBEs.


Eilfi Trondsen


Eilif Trondsen, Ph.D. (moderator). Eilif (an economist by academic training) has worked in business and technology-focused research and consulting at SRI International (formely Stanford Research Institute) and Strategic Business Insights for nearly four decades. He is the Chair of Silicon Vikings SIG on Entrepreneurship and Learning, and has done research in the area of learning technologies for about 20 years. Eilif is excited about finding ways to leverage PDBEs for Nordic startups, especially edtech companies he is working closely with, so they can accelerate growth and achieve global maket success.