• Setterwalls (map)
  • Sturegatan 10
  • Stockholm
  • Sweden


You will learn about bags that tell stories about its travels, interactive fabrics, watches that connect to your wardrobe, space technology, digital retail, clothes inspired by gaming and much more! Organized in collaboration with Setterwalls and Swedish Fashion council.

Vanessa Folkesson, Future Fashion Inc
Tobias Vahlne, Duffler
Oskar Juhlin, Figuracy
Greger Hagelin, DRKN
Cecilia Hertz, Umbilical Design
Anders Björk, Neue Labs
Michael Rotstein, Bontouch

Moderator: Bengt Eliasson, Silicon Vikings Stockholm

Location: Setterwalls, Sturegatan 10

Event hashtag: #siliconvikingsSE