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The Nordic region has an unique and progressive healthcare system, making it the perfect breeding ground for innovative technological solutions in healthcare. With aging global population, exploding healthcare costs and a rise in chronic conditions, the modern healthcare system has been stretched to capacity and is ripe for disruption. Our event not only explores what's next in digital health but also juxtaposes the disadvantages/advantages of doing business in Scandinavia vs. USA. Each of our expert panelists are shifting the paradigms in healthcare in a different way.



Alexander Börve @myDoc24 - Founder and CEO of iDoc24:

Norwegian by birth, lived in six European countries (polyglot) before a move to San Francisco. I practiced as an orthopaedic surgeon at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. I was part of the spine team and a tutor to medical students. From  2013- 2014 was at the school of public health, UC Berkeley completing a cost minimisation article on teledermatology. My PhD thesis is on the use of smartphones as referrals in healthcare, 4 scientific papers to date.

About iDoc24. - http://www.idoc24.com/   A portfolio of dermatology apps that have been scientifically researched. You can anonymously ask a dermatologist anything and have an answer within hours. Our flagship app First Derm is targeted to young mothers.

Eythor Bender @eythorbender - Founder, CEO of UNYQ 

Eythor Bender is an innovation and business leader applying exponential technologies to medical device and retail industries. He is the co-founder and CEO of UNYQ, a company using 3D printing to bring personalization and fashion to the prosthetic and orthotic industry. He is also a co-founder of Fellow Robots that is reimagining the retail industry by designing and creating robots in collaboration with Fortune 500 companies. Prior, he was the CEO of Ekso Bionics, where he and his team unveiled the wearable robot Ekso, which enables wheelchair users to stand and walk. He has taken several companies from R&D labs to commercial and publicly traded enterprises, including Ossur, the Icelandic designer of non-invasive lower limb bionic technologies. Eythor is a native of Iceland, with a Masters in Business and Economics from Germany. He is a frequent speaker at innovation and technology conferences and is on the faculty of Singularity University.

About UNYQ -  http://unyq.com/  UNYQ reimagining prosthetics and orthotics using 3D printing to provide personalized stylish covers and braces for amputees, scoliosis patients and people with repetitive stress injuries. The company takes something that used to be a source of frustration or indignity and turns it into a means for self expression, pride and ultimately better outcomes.

Dr. Pierre Theodore @ptheodoremd - tech-enabled surgeon at UCSF

Dr. Pierre Theodore received his medical degree from the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He went on to complete his residency in general surgery and a cardiothoracic surgery fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He also completed fellowships in transplant biology fellowship at Harvard Medical School and in cardiothoracic surgery at La Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, Paris, France. In 2004, Dr. Theodore was named Associate Professor of Surgery at UCSF and in 2007, the first recipient of the Van Auken Endowed Chair in Thoracic Oncology.

Dr. Theodore is engaged in several digital and global health projects revolving around health information flow in the developing world focusing on Haiti, where has worked in association with Partners in Health in offering surgical care since 2011. His aim is to apply networking technology to global health to improve standards of care delivery and resource management.

About UCSF Center for Digital Health Innovation -- http://centerfordigitalhealthinnovation.org/
UCSF's Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) is a powerhouse of passion and intellect pioneering a new era of precision medicine. To improve health worldwide, CDHI collaborates with innovators from UCSF and beyond to envision, realize and evaluate game-changing digital health technologies. CDHI also works with startups and companies at UCSF and beyond looking for consultation or looking to evaluate their product in a clinical environment. Lastly, CDHI brings together innovators, thought leaders, and other partners from the digital health community to foster new connections and ideas.


Ari Tulla @umbar - Co-founder & CEO BetterDoctor

While struggling to find the right doctor for his wife, Ari Tulla began to see major flaws in the US healthcare system. He realized it was easy to find information about specific diseases and illnesses online, but there wasn’t a way for consumers to find local specialists who take their insurance – a connection he calls “the last mile.” His frustration with the system and belief that he could build a solution prompted Tulla to co-found BetterDoctor in 2011 with his friend and colleague Tapio Tolvanen. Today, BetterDoctor aims to create simplicity and transparency in the marketplace. Tulla wants consumers to be able to type in a query and immediately be offered a list of qualified physicians in their area. Looking beyond that, he hopes to one day link the best mobile health gadgets and apps to his database of specialists so patients and their information are seamlessly connected to the doctors they’re about to visit.  Tulla comes to BetterDoctor from Nokia where he worked in game and application design. He brings 15 years of experience and a fierce determination to the young company. More than building a great doctor-finder app, Tulla strives to do it the right way: with trustworthy data, no advertisements, and a keen sense of independence. It’s his five-month-old son Max that wakes him up every day, but his drive to fix the system that keeps him going. In his free time, you can find Ari on Northern California’s steep cliffs, powdery slopes, big waves or on Twitter @umbar and @BetterDoctor

About BetterDoctor - http://betterdoctor.com  BetterDoctor is a comprehensive doctor search tool that brings transparency to healthcare. Since the launch in 2012 BetterDoctor web and mobile apps have helped 20,000,000 patients find the right doctor. The 50 people strong company is funded by first tier VCs and growing rapidly. BetterDoctor apps can be found at http://betterdoctor.com  BetterDoctor’s marketing services help doctors focus on treating patients instead of worrying about their online reputation: http://doctor.betterdoctor.com  BetterDoctor’s doctor API gives developers access to the best doctor data: http://developer.betterdoctor.com

Bonnie Zell - Co-Founder and Chief Quality Officer at Icebreaker Health

Bonnie Zell, MD, MPH, FACOG, has a broad spectrum of healthcare experience as a nurse, OB/GYN physician chief at Kaiser Permanente, and hospital Medical Director. In public health roles at CDC and Senior Director for Population Health at National Quality Forum she advanced strategies to integrate public health and healthcare. As a Fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, she helped develop the Triple Aim model of care - Better Health, Better Care, Lower Costs and quality improvement curriculum, coaching, and training for public health.  She has spent her entire career passionate about creating a high quality, fully accessible healthcare system that works for all.

About Icebreaker Health - www.icebreaker.com and www.polkadoc.com 

We are a new SF - based company aiming to become the leading platform for next generation online healthcare in the US. We think that only through technology that lets one doctor manage hundreds of patients per hour can we achieve the triple aims of improved access, improved quality and reduced costs - therefore our technology is at the core of our business. Just as all banks offer online services, we think soon all bricks and mortar healthcare providers will provide online services too. But rather than create software that replicates the inefficiencies of the offline world (when using online banking do you skype with the bank teller?) we're heading in the other direction. We're building a platform that logarithmically increases the efficiency of doctors and operates within the existing regulatory framework. Well funded competitors are heading in the opposite direction.



This event will be moderated by Ran Ma @RanimalMa, Cofounder/CEO of Siren IVS, a smart textile digital health startup. Ran is a biomedical engineer with a passion for preventing disease by designing products to empower people to make informed decisions about their health. 

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