• Harpa–Reykjavik Concert Hall & Conference Ctr (map)
  • 2 Austurbakki
  • Reykjavik 101
  • Iceland

History has shown that entrepreneurs are the most valuable builders and creators in their communities. Small entrepreneurial companies spark innovation while creating jobs that facilitate economic well being in every society. Startup Iceland gives startup entrepreneurs throughout the world the tools necessary to positively impact their community. We accomplish this by bringing together a diverse program of speakers and participants to discuss, create and implement strategies that promote economic growth.

In addition to the exceptional international speakers, Startup Iceland will feature the key innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who are driving Iceland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem forward.

Participants represent startup communities from Iceland, the US, Canada, Europe, the UK, Asia, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Israel and South Africa.  Startup Iceland will ask important questions and elicit discussions on how to harness local capital, strengthen entrepreneurial support through community organizations, grassroot and meetup initiatives, discuss policy framework and capitalize on the collective strengths of the community to foster a sustainable, antifragile and resilient ecosystem that embraces, encourages and celebrates entrepreneurship. Attendees will learn strategies that can be applied in their own businesses and communities here in Iceland and abroad.  REGISTER