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Great companies, large and small are built through talented men and women all working together for a common goal.  In a strong economy competition for these great people can be fierce as exciting startups, fast growing enterprise and global companies compete for the top talent.

This informative and interactive panel discussion will provide insight, techniques and best practices that entrepreneurs, and corporate managers alike can use immediately to:

  • Attract and interest the right job candidates for your company through the recruitment process
  • Engage new and tenured employees actively for retention and productivity
  • Retain a diverse (gender and multi-generation) workforce
  • Build a culture and environment that fosters top talent

Amar Panchal, Co-Founder & Chairman of Akraya Inc.


EJ Dieterle, President & CEO (YES Partners), Mentor (German Accelerator), Advisor, Angel, Lecturer USA Marketentry, Co-Founder

britt huber.jpg

Britt Huber, VP, People & Organizational Development at PaxVax, Inc.

jennifer vessels.jpg

Jennifer Vessels , CEO of Next Step