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  • You think you know Silicon Valley? Think again.  While known as ground zero of innovative ideas, disruptive technologies and entrepreneurship for decades, the sands are shifting in such a way that new opportunities are being created for other ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley. Learn where the opportunities exist and how to leverage them. We will take you on a behind the scenes look at the changing Silicon Valley ecosystem to hear what lies ahead from thought-leaders.

    This program is for tech ecosystem leaders, corporate executives, venture capitalists, and innovation leaders; it will include:

    (1) site visits to innovative and leading Silicon Valley companies

    (2) lectures from Silicon Valley thought leaders, executives and venture capitalists

    (3) our annual “State of Nordic Tech in Silicon Valley” VIP reception where you will meet 100+ of the who’s who in the tech community in Silicon Valley. Past attendees have included executives from companies such as Tesla, Uber, Volvo Cars, Salesforce, Google, Instagram, Ericsson, Nokia, Lyft, Ford, IBM, Zynga, Waymo, Nestle, SAP, etc)

    (4) participation in a closed EuropeSV meeting; EuropeSV is a gathering of the European Ecosystem Leadership in Silicon Valley (including European Trade Organizations, Consulates, and Business Associations in San Francisco/Silicon Valley) from over 25 countries.


    • Overview of the Changing Silicon Valley Ecosystem

    • Developing your competitive advantages by finding gaps in Silicon Valley that align with your strengths: where do gaps exist in various industries in Silicon Valley where companies and ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley can take the lead?

    • The Silicon Valley Exodus: Net migration has turned negative for the San Francisco Bay Area—where are the employees and companies going and why?

    • Latest Trends in Silicon Valley Venture Capital, including:

      • industry predictions

      • trends in cross-border VC

      • growth of the VCaaS (Venture Capital as a Service) model and how European organizations can benefit

    • Silicon Valley as a Global Springboard: Tapping into Silicon Valley’s global resources to advance your startups internationally (a closer look at Europe, Asia, & Latin America)

    • Recreating Silicon Valley’s Secret Sauce in your local ecosystem: Best Practices for Teaching Pay It Forward Culture

    • The Link between Diversity & Innovation: Leveraging Silicon Valley’s Successes and Failures in Inclusive Ecosystem Building

    • Best practices in building borderless ecosystems to increase connectivity and lower the learning curve


4TH Annual State of Nordic Tech in the Bay

4TH Annual State of Nordic Tech in the Bay

DocuSign Executive Briefing Center (map)


Join us for our 4th Annual State of Nordic Tech in the Bay event. This is our signature VIP event that you won’t want to miss! Mingle with the who’s who of the Bay Area entrepreneurship and innovation community (both Nordic tech leaders and non-Nordic honorary Vikings who are vital in supporting the tech community). Join us for a festive and interesting evening celebrating the accomplishments of Nordic Tech in the Bay Area to the backdrop of stunning views of the Bay at DocuSign’s Executive Briefing Center.

Join us for an inspiring keynote by Jorn Lyseggen, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, who is the Founder & CEO of Meltwater. Launched in his home country of Norway in 2001 with just a $15,000 investment, Jorn and his team have grown the company to become a global leader in media intelligence. Today, Meltwater has more than 1,500 employees in 55 offices across six continents, with more than 30,000 clients worldwide.

Join us for a forward looking keynote by Charlotte Danielsson, Silicon Vikings’ CEO, about the unprecedented changes taking place in Silicon Valley and her insights on what new untapped opportunities the changes open up for Nordic tech and how to best leverage them.



Jorn Lyseggen, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, is the Founder & CEO of Meltwater. Launched in his home country of Norway in 2001 with just a $15,000 investment, Jorn and his team have grown the company to become a global leader in media intelligence. Today, Meltwater has more than 1,500 employees in 55 offices across six continents, with more than 30,000 clients worldwide.

Jorn released his first book, Outside Insight: Navigating a World Drowning in Data, in October 2017. The book describes the emergence of a new software category that will leverage insights gleaned from the vast amount of external information available on the web to transform corporate decision-making.

Given his experience as an entrepreneur, Jorn is committed to supporting the next generation of tech leaders. Based on the notion that talent is evenly distributed, though opportunity is not, Jorn founded the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in 2008. Headquartered in Accra, Ghana–with a presence in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ivory Coast–MEST is a pan-African training program, seed fund and incubator for African tech entrepreneurs. In 2016, Jorn launched the world’s first data science hub, SHACK15, as a place where tomorrow’s leading data science startups can come together to meet, collaborate and innovate.


An avid reader of ancient history and Viking sagas, Jorn enjoys fishing for salmon in the Norwegian fjords near the town of Grong and the peace and quiet of Trysil, his hometown in Norway. Jorn played clarinet in several orchestras and competed at various levels for more than 15 years, recently reigniting his interest in music with the purchase of a saxophone. Today he is based between San Francisco and London.


A Norwegian entrepreneur and patent holder with four start-ups, Jorn has two trade sales and one IPO to his credit. The most rewarding aspect of Jorn’s career continues to be helping young people develop into confident and capable managers, which makes him proud of Meltwater and gives him continued motivation.


Jorn has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Bergen Ingeniorhogskole in Norway, a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with specialization in digital signal processing and artificial intelligence from Iowa State University, and training in entrepreneurship from Harvard Business School.



Charlotte Danielsson joined Silicon Vikings as CEO in January 2015. Silicon Vikings is a 45,000+ network that connects Nordic and Baltic innovation with Silicon Valley and vice versa; it is a nonprofit organization that has been headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1997 with 11 nodes throughout the Nordic and Baltic region. Charlotte has more than doubled the network since assuming the position of CEO. A frequent speaker internationally on building technology ecosystems, Charlotte was invited by the European Commission in 2019 to present best practices for building technology ecosystems in Europe by connecting with tech diaspora abroad.

Charlotte is also responsible for bringing the Startup World Cup competition to the Nordics and for 2020 is organizing the US West Coast Regional as well as the Texas Regional and Utah Regional, and the national competitions for Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. The Startup World Cup Global Grand Finale has an investment prize of $1million USD and the Finale event has included speakers such as:  Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple; Reid Hoffman, Founding CEO of LinkedIn; Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures and Co-Founder of Sun Microsystems; Adam Cheyer, Co-Founder of Siri; John Chambers, Former CEO of Cisco; Marcelo Claure, Chief Operating Officer, Softbank; Marc Randolph, Co-Founder of Netflix; Tim Westergren, Founder and Former CEO, Pandora; Jay Vijayan, Former CIO of Tesla; Ray Lane, Former President & COO, Oracle; Terry Jones, Founding Chairman, Kayak.com

Charlotte currently serves as an Ambassador for MIT Technology Review’s Innovators Under 35 Europe Awards. She also is on the board of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Dallas and previously served as Chairwoman of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco and on the Executive Committee of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce USA in Washington, DC.  She worked tirelessly to help with the formation of the Association of American European Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations (an association of Bay Area European chambers) and served as Treasurer for the organization after its official incorporation in 2014. 

Charlotte has a Juris Doctorate from Stanford Law School and a Bachelor’s in Political Science & Economics from UC Berkeley, where she graduated with honors in the major and Distinction in General Scholarship from the university.  Charlotte is the founder of Infiniti Law.  She has practiced business and immigration law for technology companies since 1998 with a focus on helping foreign companies from around the world to establish themselves in the US and continues to practice law on a full-time basis today.



Sustainable Vikings

Sustainable Vikings

to be announced (map)

Join us for a presentation by Robert Strand, PhD, who is the Executive Director of the Center for Responsible Business at Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley and an Associate Professor, Leadership & Sustainability at Copenhagen Business School regarding the findings of his research on Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Nordics vs US.