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State of Nordic Tech

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Revisiting Immersive Environments—Perspectives on Past and Future of VR/AR—Fourth Annual Event

Revisiting Immersive Environments—Perspectives on Past and Future of VR/AR—Fourth Annual Event

ReedSmith (map)

During the last three years, Silicon Vikings has hosted very popular sessions that have explored various issues and developments around Virtual and Augmented Reality. We are now very pleased to invite you back for our Fourth Annual AV/VR Review, reconvening our panelists to both look back at what has happened in the past year and draw lessons for what may lie ahead. So please join us again on October, at ReedSmith in San Francisco.

Our three fantastic panelists—Two of whom you will know if you have attended our past AR/VR events—will address these and other questions:

  • What are some of the most interesting and impactful developments we have seen since we met last year?

  • What surprising developments have we seen in the past year, either in the US or overseas?

  • Where—in hardware, software, content, etc—have we seen the most significant progress over the last year, and who are some of the leading players?

  • Have we seen new and interesting players coming onto the scene, and what new and exciting innovations are they focusing on? And how are they different from what major players like Facebook, Google, Samsung, HTC, Microsoft and others are doing?

  • Which are some of your favorite applications of VR based on the developments you have seen over the last year? Will entertainment dominate the AV/VR space or will industrial or educational applications see strong growth and interest?

  • Based on where we are today, and from what predictions we made last year—correctly or incorrectly—what are some of the things we can expect in the year to come, in terms of technology (including headsets), content and services? Will the arrival of 5G have an immediate and significant impact on AR/VR, and if so, where (regionally) will this likely appear first?

We have a great panel of experts who will share their insights into the issues raised above and also answer your questions (and we will allow for plenty of time for Q&A in the session, as we always do). Here are the panel members:

Damon Hernandez.jpg
  • Damon Hernandez-- . Damon—our “Veteran Silicon Vikings panelist” who has been a key panelist from the start of our AR/VR sessions (and has also spoken at other event, including on hackathons)—has been involved in the interactive 3D community for many years, and is a 3D Web, virtual and augmented reality developer and advocate. He is co-founder of the high tech building company IDEAbuilder, advocates 3D Web open standards for the Web3D Consortium, and regularly leads hacking sessions around the world focused on either improving built environment related professions (AEC Hackathon) or developing with immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Since November 2016, Damon has been a Product Manager at Samsung Research America.

Christ Peri.jpg
  • Christopher Peri, Ph.D.--  Christopher—who has also been part of our past AR/VR sessions—has worked on 3D and VR starting with the VFX1 back in 1995 including teaching a class on VRML. His master thesis at UC Berkeley, 'Spatial Perception in Virtual Environments: Visual Cognition Gain with Head Mounted Displays' focused on how spatial perception and memory are improved using a HMD. This work was a foundation for his Ph.D. in Spatial Communication. His professional work includes creating many virtual worlds using VRML and Java and then employed those skills to dynamic web content using Flash. Later in his career he focused on project management to company leadership including 3 years as CTO at VentureBeat. Christopher returned to his roots in April 2015 working at Samsung Research Lab working on mobile strategy, tech resourcing, and support on the Gear VR project. He is now a Senior Director at Samsung Mobile.

  • Emily Olman-- . Emily Olman, CEO and Co-Founder of SpatialFirst, is a reality capture pioneer and entrepreneur. She is dedicated to the VR/AR community in her role as Co-President of the VR/AR Association SF Chapter, advocating and evangelizing VR/AR market acceleration, and hosting regular events with industry leaders and influencers. In 2015 she launched Hopscotch Interactive, a 3D/VR marketing services company for real estate. In 2017, Hopscotch Interactive was nominated as Matterport Service Partner of the Year out of over 2500 companies, the highest award that an MSP can receive. She is a moderator and regular contributor to three influential Facebook Groups including the Official Matterport User Group, Real Estate VR/AR News, and ARVR Women and Allies. She holds an M.B.A. from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business with a Certificate in Global Management, a B.A. from Scripps College in German Studies, and most recently was a FORM+FUND Fellow at Berkeley Law in Spring 2018.

  • Eilif Trondsen, Ph.D. (moderator)-- . Eilif—who spent almost four decades at the SRI (formerly Stanford Research Institute) campus in Menlo Park—has followed virtual technologies for many years, and led a four-year research program VirtualWorlds@Work, at SRI to examine how VW technologies could find applications in business and work. He is currently examining how AR/VR may impact Nordic & Baltic education, learning and training. Eilif has been the Chair of Silicon Vikings SIG on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Learning since its beginning, and has done research in the area of learning technologies for about 20 years. His academic training is in economics