About us

Silicon Vikings has been connecting the business and technology sector in the Nordic Region (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) to Silicon Valley through collaborations, exchange of knowledge and events for the last 15 years. Step by step we have integrated these unique areas and brought together the best of two worlds.

Today we can offer our members a network and an organization of a great value. We are a non-profit organization that primarily focuses on making sure that our members reach new levels of excellence by creating great networking opportunities and build the bridge between the Nordics and Silicon Valley even stronger.

We Collaborate
Silicon Vikings is a collaborative non-profit organization for networking and promotion of technologies and businesses intersecting Silicon Valley and the Nordic countries.

We Connect
We connect the Nordic Region to Silicon Valley's networked business and educational ecosystems.

We Create
Silicon Vikings delivers value to its members through creating technology and business driven events, projects and social networking events.

Join us
Become a member of Silicon Vikings and enjoy all the benefits of being part of a network organization with more than 5 000 members from Silicon Valley to the Nordic Region.
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As a member of Silicon Vikings you are offered a global membership with access to the whole network in the main organization. You will also automatically become a member to your country of residency's Chapter. Our Chapters connect the networked business and educational ecosystems of the Nordic region and Silicon Valley.

We currently have Chapters in these Nordic Cities:

We are also looking into opening Chapters in Helsinki, Reykjavik and Tallinn:

  • Silicon Vikings Helsinki discussion group (SVH): LinkedIn
  • Silicon Vikings Reykjavik discussion group (SVR): LinkedIn
  • Silicon Vikings Tallinn discussion group (SVT): LinkedIn 
If you have a Silicon Valley & Nordic connection and is interested in opening a new chapter in a Nordic city or would like to join a chapter team, send us an email to info@siliconvikings.com.


Special Interest Groups

The Special Interest Groups, referred to as SIGs, aim to build and nurture a dynamic, growing, and diverse network community. With events covering topics that are of interest to Silicon Vikings members and the ecosystem in Silicon Valley new areas are explored and shared. Each SIG uses the Silicon Vikings networks in Silicon Valley and the Nordic Region within the different sectors of interest with special emphasis on professionals with Nordic connections or interests. This creates a knowledge and innovation bridge between Silicon Valley and the Nordic region. The SIGs work in close collaboration with the Silicon Vikings chapters in the Nordic countries.

The SIGs offer high quality events with top speakers and great networking opportunities. See the calendar for more information.

The SIGs

Entrepreneurship & Learning  
Cloud & Social Media  
Clean Technology   
Life Science